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Sustained weight management is the main objective of any medical weight loss surgery. In recent decades, surgical techniques have advanced to the point where safe, effective, and minimally invasive options exist. All of the benefits of weight loss surgery are obtainable with far fewer risks and side effects than ever before!

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The physical benefits of weight loss, such as decreased risk of diabetes and heart disease are obvious, but there are also a multitude of mental and social benefits possible. Increased self-esteem, improved outlook on life, and overall increased happiness are all positive benefits of losing weight. Additionally, people who experience substantial weight loss report better financial health and decreased health care costs. The improved self-confidence that goes hand in hand with weight loss can impact an individual’s social and professional life in a countless number of positive ways.

The Weight Loss North Advantage

Weight Loss North is more than just surgical intervention. As a holistic program designed to offer individuals the support and tools they need to achieve their own weight loss goals, the entire program is geared towards accommodating individual patient needs. Staff and patient facilitators work closely with each patient, offering customized support regimens. Providing life coaches who assist in easing patients into their new lifestyle as well as access to a surgeon who is on call 24 hours a day, Weight Loss North provides patients with a high level of quality care.





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