Optifast Sdubury weight loss meal plan support

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We believe in each patient enjoying high quality care delivered by experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate professionals. At Weight Loss North, we understand the science and the psychology behind losing weight, and our team of professionals are highly qualified to support your weight loss journey.

Meet Our Medical Staff

At Weight Loss North, our staff and patient facilitators work closely with each patient, offering the support and guidance needed to develop programs suited to their individual needs. Our team of medical and support staff includes nutritional and activity counsellors, clinical nurse specialists and patient facilitators. The staff at Weight Loss North strive to provide a high level of care and comfort for each patient during their visit.

Coaching And Support

Coaching and support will be made available to you throughout your entire weight loss journey. Our professional support staff is experienced in treating clients struggling with issues related to weight. Their approach to treatment is to help clients identify and manage internal and external triggers that are barriers to weight loss and other positive changes they wish to make in their lives. You’ll learn to identify obstacles to weight loss success and will develop methods of changing the behaviours that prevent sustained weight loss. Support therapy is also offered by phone if that is more convenient for the patient. 

Nutritional Counselling

Nutritional counselling at Weight Loss North focuses on empowering patients through knowledge and support.  Clients develop a better understanding of nutrition as well as the emotional, physiological and lifestyle issues involved in weight control.  While transitioning from partial or full meal replacement program, patients will work closely with their nutritional coach to discover not only what changes need to be made to their diet, but also to identify any barriers to making these changes. Nutritional support and education is very important in reaching and maintaining maximized sustained weight loss and improved health.

Getting Active

Personal trainers can teach you the fundamentals of creating and modifying your fitness program in order to reach your goals. Depending on your fitness goals, Weight Loss North provides access to personal training sessions to enhance your weight loss journey towards greater health and happiness. During your initial evaluation, your current fitness level as well as your available workout equipment and environment will be assessed in order to customize a program that will optimize your fitness level within your current lifestyle. 

Achieving and maintaining your weight loss goal isn’t an easy thing to do…
Your journey with Weight Loss North is all about making positive changes. It’s our mission to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to start living a healthier life. Our dedicated team of medical and wellness professionals design a customized program that caters to your individual needs and ensures you have the support you need to stay on track. Your new life is just around the corner!





Optifast Sdubury weight loss meal plan support