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The OPTIFAST Program

The OPTIFAST Program at Weight Loss North is a medically supervised weight management program that assists individuals in reaching their goal weight. The program, consists of three distinct phases, and aims to transition individuals from a full meal replacement plan to a well balanced diet that continues to utilize Optifast for healthy weight maintenance.

Essential Components of Program Success

Meal replacement diet

Narrowing food choices enables our patients to gain control of their weight loss while learning how to manage their weight in the future.


Medical supervision

Weight Loss North’s team of medical and wellness professionals play an imperative role in your weight loss success. We work closely with each of our patients, offering support and guidance when needed.


Lifestyle coaching

Our goal is to assist our patients in making lifestyle changes by providing them with knowledge of nutrition and exercise.


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Meal Replacement

During the  Active Weight Loss phase of the program, OPTIFAST meal replacement shakes enable individuals  to benefit from:

  • Complete, nutrition rich diet.
  • Calorie-controlled servings.
  • Simple meal preparation.

Lifestyle Coaching and Counseling

Weight Loss North places easily accessible resources at your disposal. Our team is specially trained in weight loss matters and are attuned to the sensitive nature of the topic. Give them an opportunity to share their knowledge with you. Our program features:


  • Discussions with health care professionals.
  • Encouragement and shared knowledge from current OPTIFAST patients.
  • Educational materials specifically designed for OPTIFAST patients.

Medical Supervision

The  OPTIFAST program  is a medical weight loss program that closely monitors your health and progress during your weight loss journey.  OPTIFAST’s medical monitoring includes:

  • A medical examination and requisition for necessary lab tests to determine your current health status and ensure OPTIFAST is right for you.
  • A weight loss plan designed specifically for you.
  • Continued monitoring of your weight loss progress and health.
  • Communication with your primary care physician when necessary.

Long-Term Weight Management

Your journey with Weight Loss North is all about making positive changes. It’s our mission to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to start living a healthier life. Our dedicated team of medical and wellness professionals design a customized program that caters to your individual needs and ensures you have the support you need to stay on track. Your new life is just around the corner!





Optifast Sdubury weight loss meal plan support